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Worksite Wellness Team

Growing Healthy Worksites


Two-thirds of the rise in health care spending is due to the rise in treated chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and asthma. Many cases could be prevented. Most could be better managed.

Because most adults spend at least 45% of their day at work, it is important for employers to offer a supportive environment to assist their staff in leading a healthy lifestyle.

The Growing Healthy Worksites team was created to ensure physical activity opportunities and nutritious foods are accessible in the work environment. Resources for health and wellness promotion programs, vending machine policy and practices and healthy options in cafeterias are provided through the resources of the Workgroup.

The Growing Healthy Worksites team has over 25 members. Membership is largely central Arkansas-based but is branching out with membership in Harrison, Pine Bluff and Batesville. The workgroup is eager to attract many more employers to the table.  Please join us!

Team Meetings

The Growing Healthy Worksites team holds virtual meetings via Zoom on the first Tuesday of each month from 10:00-11:00 AM. To receive login information, please send Bernadette an email to sign up!

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Growing Healthy Worksites Project Application

Click here to learn more about and apply to participate in the Growing Healthy Worksites project!

Important Developments

Worksite Wellness

Employers often are unaware of successful worksite interventions that address chronic disease cost drivers within their employee population. The Growing Healthy Worksites team has compiled a comprehensive web-based clearinghouse/toolkit that is a resource for employers and human resource personnel.  The resources include a collection of best practice and evidence-based worksite intervention programs that are proven effective for employers to model in their worksite. The resources also teach employers how improving their employee’s health will improve their bottom-line.

During the summer of 2010 the Growing Healthy Worksites team completed five regional Employer Health Summits located in Batesville, Harrison, Little Rock, Stuttgart and El Dorado. The Summits offered the free online toolkit, a panel discussion from local employers who are making wellness work and a message from the Arkansas Department of Health Director, Arkansas Surgeon General and the Executive Director of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.


Growing Healthy Worksites Presentation

Evaluating Health Promotion at Worksites

The newly released CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard (HSC) is a tool designed to help employers assess the extent to which they have implemented evidence-based health promotion interventions in their worksites.  Using a validation study by the Emory University Institute for Health and Productivity, the HSC has been determined to be a valid and reliable tool for employers to use in assessing health promotion programs aimed at preventing heart disease, stroke and related conditions among employees.

The Health ScoreCard assists employers in identifying gaps in their health promotion programs, and helps them to prioritize high-impact strategies for health promotion at their worksites across the following health topics: organizational supports, tobacco control, nutrition, physical activity, weight management, stress management, depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke, and emergency response to heart attack and stroke.

Health Scorecard Link:

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Contact the Co-Chairs

Kimberly Boren, Worksite Wellness Team Co-Chair

Kenya Eddings, Growing Healthy Worksites Advisor