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Nutrition Education

Understanding Nutrition Label Facts

Shopping and eating healthier begins with understanding food nutrition labels. Lets get label literate with our Health Education Coordinator Ashleigh Story. This video breaks down the fine print so you can finely know what's in the food you are eating!

My Plate

"My Plate" is an informative video educating all of us on how we should think about planning and preparing meals.  The emphasis is on what you put on your plate.  What's the ideal combination of foods and portions?  Watch, learn and start eating healthier.

Growing Healthy Habits

Growing Healthy Habits provides hands-on learning and group discussions with trained nutrition educators.  GHH teaches participants how to shop for and prepare healthy meals, read food labels, follow My Plate guidelines, and how to get their bodies moving.  The course length and topics are customizable based on need.  

Cooking Matters

Cooking Matters teaches parents and caregivers to shop for and cook healthy meals.  It helps build a world where healthy eating choices are available for everyone.  Cooking Matters classes educate through interactive , hands-on lessons.  They also provide digital education tools and resources.