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Branding Resources

The following tools are considered proprietary and for use by ArCOP members, partners, and Growing Healthy Communities only when authorized by ArCOP.

Logos & Branding Standards

Logos are to be used in their entirety as contained in the following files. Note that all logos must be used in the colors specified or in grayscale only.


Workgroup Team Logos:


Fonts, Alternatives: If using a computer in which you cannot install ArCOP’s fonts, please use

  • “Century Gothic” in the place of Champagne & Limousines
  • “Garamond” in the place of Mrs. Eaves

Presentation Template:

Presentations delivered at all ArCOP events, by all Growing Healthy Communities, and by ArCOP Workgroup Teams should be made using the below template.  Click on the file to download & save to your computer.  As a Microsoft Template, each time you open up the downloaded file, it will open into a new file (so that you do not overwrite the original downloaded file).

Stationery and Brochure Templates:

The following Microsoft Word files are available for use by ArCOP and Growing Healthy Communities members.  To use a template, open the file and then “save as” to your computer.  Please note that the appropriate logo (see above) should be used along with local address and contact information in the spaces indicated.