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Nutrition Education

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is a problem most of us have to be wary of. What are the triggers that cause us to indulge when we're not truly hungry? Use this list to get a better understanding of why you eat when your body doesn't need food.

Exercise Nutrient Timing

This is really useful info to have when you're thinking about exercise. When should you eat? What should you eat? If you're working hard to get healthy why not maximize your workout? Now get after it and start feeling better!

Healthy Food Swap: Greek Yogurt

Our Health Education Coordinator Ashleigh Story has some easy and tasty substitutions for you in her "Healthy Food Swap" videos.  Here's the lowdown on why greek yogurt should become a staple of your shopping list.

Healthy Food Swap: Condiments

Here's another chance to get smarter and eat healthier.  In this "Healthy Food Swap" video our Health Education Coordinator Ashleigh Story has the lowdown on all those condiments taking up space in your refrigerator.  Are there better options? You bet.  Watch and learn how to make better choices. 

Healthy Food Swap: Cooking Oils

Check out this Healthy Food Swap... There are so many cooking oils available at the market, but which one is best for the job you need it to do?  Health Education Coordinator Ashleigh Story shows us which ones make the tastiest and healthiest meals.

Meal Prep and Food Storage

Here's an informative video that answers many questions we all have about meal preparation and food storage.  Health Education Coordinator Ashleigh Story shares information that leads to less wasted time in the kitchen and less wasted food in the refrigerator.  Make sure you check out the printable documents located in the buttons below the video to keep as a kitchen resource.  

Understanding Nutrition Label Facts

Shopping and eating healthier begins with understanding food nutrition labels. Lets get label literate with our Health Education Coordinator Ashleigh Story. This video breaks down the fine print so you'll understand exactly what you and your family are eating. 

My Plate

"My Plate" is an informative video educating all of us on how we should think about planning and preparing meals.  The emphasis is on what you put on your plate.  What's the ideal combination of foods and portions?  Watch, learn and start eating healthier.

Understanding Carbs