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2022 Annual Arkansas Farmers Market Association Meeting


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Arkansas Farmers' Market Association's Annual Meeting.  We had a record number of registrations for the planned in-person meeting this year, unfortunately the weather forced us to take the event online via Zoom.  The good news is many of you were able to take part from home.  

Among the topics covered were the Food Freedom Act, market tools and resources provided by the Arkansas Department of Agriculture, and Double Up Food Bucks.  These presentations can be found separately here


2022 Arkansas Farmers' Market Association Annual Meeting Video

SNAP Retailer Signup

The Arkansas Farmers Market Association will host a virtual SNAP Retailer Signup event in coordination with the USDA during the annual AFMA meeting on February 3rd, 2022.  Farmers Markets, Farm Stands, and Vendors can work directly with a USDA represented to complete the SNAP Retailer application.

Getting approved to accept SNAP is the first step in being able to open a new customer base.  This allows a market or farmer the opportunity to accept payment from SNAP customers as well as Disaster SNAP, Pandemic SNAP, and any other form of SNAP.  We are offering 30-minute sessions to make the process as simple as possible.  Be sure to register for a time slot prior to the meeting to ensure availability.

To register for your 30-minute Application session please register by clicking SNAP Signup button. 


All retail applicants must have a bank account.  Here's what else is needed to complete the process:


If you are applying as Sole Proprietor, LLC, Partnership, or Privately Held Corporation:

-Signature Page (These will be available on site). 

-Driver’s License (color copy), can be a smart phone photo

-Social Security Card


If you are Applying as an IRS 501c3 Organization:

-Signature Page from Market Manager & Executive Director from 501c3 organization (These will be available on site.).

-Driver’s License (color copy), can be a smart phone photo

-IRS 501c3 Tax Exempt Letter 

-Letter authorizing Market Manager to apply for SNAP EBT Permit on behalf of the 501c3 organization. Letter needs to be on organization’s letterhead


If you are applying on behalf of a Town/City/Government Agency:

-Signature Page from Market Manager & Government Official (These will be available on site)

-Driver’s License (color copy), can be a smart phone photo

-W-9 signed by Government Official 

-Letter authorizing Market Manager to apply for SNAP EBT Permit on behalf of the town/city/government agency. Letter needs to be on town/city/government agency’s letterhead.


SNAP approved retailers that sell local Fruits & Vegetables can also participate in ArCOPs SNAP incentive program called “Double up Food Bucks.”  ArCOP will help fund a dollar for dollar match on local produce when shopping with SNAP.  This allows the SNAP customer to double their money on healthy food and the retailer still makes full retail price.  

Locations interested in participating should connect with Jeremy Adams at