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Lamar School District

The Lamar School District is committed to developing an atmosphere to make the whole child healthy. There is a School Based Health Center that services the school and community focusing on physical and mental health for students, also offering dental as needed. The school district has received six Joint Use Agreement Grants to offer the school and community more options to get physical activity. The district is involved in the Fuel up to Play 60 program that encourages physical activity and healthy nutrition for students, and have won many awards because of their participation with Fuel up to Play. The district is involved with the Farm to School program and has partnered with a local peach grower, Peach Pickin Paradise, to offer fresh locally grown peaches to students during lunch time. The district was named a Blossoming Growing Healthy Community with the Arkansas Coalition for Obesity Prevention (ArCOP) and received a grant from ArCOP to implement school gardens. The produce grown from the garden was used for the backpack program and provided to the community free of charge. The district passed a new Breastfeeding Policy and currently are working on a new Wellness Policy. The staff are involved in wellness initiatives such as the Blue and You Fitness Challenge, WarriorFit, and have a fitness center on campus that they can utilize. The district is constantly looking for ways to encourage students and staff to become healthier individuals because they know that healthier students are better learners and a healthy staff will serve as good role models and be ready and available for our kids to succeed.