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Fit2Live North Little Rock

The Arkansas Coalition for Obesity Prevention has selected the city of North Little Rock Fit 2 live program as a thriving community. Fit 2 Live was launched in 2011 and through policy development and programs, it has since been a state-wide leader in worksite wellness, school wellness, community gardens, and walkability. To address the Healthy Worksites priority, the North Little Rock’s City Council approved a resolution to support an expanded results-based incentive program.  During the year of 2014 the City of North Little Rock ran a small pilot program, at $10 PER measure for a maximum of $30. 

Employees already enjoy generous health insurance coverage, with free wellness visits. This will benefit employees to catch chronic disease early and seek appropriate treatment, thus reducing their long-term health care costs and improving quality of life. Also, establishing a relationship with a PCP will help avoid costly emergency room and urgent care visits that threat families’ finances, especially those of our lower-wage workers

The measures included blood pressure, glucose and LDL/HDL cholesterol, the pilot program more than doubled in 2015 with 283 employee participants. While on-site screenings’ are very accessible, they lack the accuracy of lab-based blood tests and do not replace an employee’s relationship with a Primary Care Provider (PCP). In 2016, the tests that are performed by a Primary Care Provider and have proposed an increased incentive, up to $100, with three additional criteria: tobacco & nicotine free, triglycerides, and BMI. This program will create more equal opportunities for health.