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2023 Meeting of the Members

2023 Meeting of the Members

The 2023 Meeting of the Members was held online January 30.  Presentations were shared by Executive Director Katrina Betancourt and staff to share highlights of a very productive year.  We implement many diverse programs, but the mission remains the same, "help Arkansans eat better and move more." 

Katrina Betancourt ArCOP President and Executive Director

Here's a welcome by Katrina Betancourt, President and Executive Director of the Arkansas Coalition for Obesity Prevention. She gives a brief introduction to ArCOP and the Annual Meeting of the Members. So many exciting things are happening this upcoming year. We hope you'll take a look at all of our presentations to fully understand how we are Growing Healthy Communities everyday. 

Arkansas Walking College Annual Report

In just its second year, interest in the Arkansas Walking College is growing steadily.  In collaboration with America Walks and the Arkansas Department of Health we are training community advocates to make our state more "walkable".  Read our Annual Report here

Steve Powell Health Outreach Coordinator

Steve Powell is our Health Outreach Coordinator.  Here, he explains our strategy for getting our message to the masses.  We get to see some examples of video and social media. Steve also shares some statistics that show our online presence is growing.

Jeremy Adams Double Up Food Bucks Program Manager

Jeremy Adams breaks down the 2022 Double Up Food Bucks Report for Arkansas.  He discusses program highlights, locations, and participation for the successful SNAP Incentive Program. 

Ashleigh Story Health Education Coordinator

Ashleigh Story is ArCOP's Health Education Coordinator.  She shares how we've been making health and nutrition simple.  Whether it's through programs like Go NAPSACC or building a library of resources accessible to everyone.  We've accomplished much to be proud of this year. 

Ashleigh Story Growing Healthy Children Recognition Awards

Congratulations to our Growing Healthy Children Recognition recipients! Ashleigh reveals our deserving honorees in three recognition levels.  These early childhood care directors and their programs worked hard to be the best they can be by prioritizing their students' health. 

Go NAPSACC Annual Report

If you'd like to dig a little deeper into the impact of Go NAPSACC, check out the Annual Report.