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Online Program to Support Improvements in Nutrition and Physical Activity in ECE Programs. 

Go NAPSACC is the Division-approved tool for self assessments in Child Nutrition and Physical Activity based on Levels 2-6 of Arkansas Better Beginnings.  Go NAPSACC supports the adoption of best practices that promote healthy eating and physical activity among young children.  Below you'll find an interactive map of all programs that have participated with Go NAPSACC. 

Step 1: Get Connected to Arkansas Go NAPSACC

An Arkansas Go NAPSACC Consultant will send you an invitation to register for your account within 3-5 business days.  The email will originate from Go NAPSACC (Check your spam folder if you do not see your invite). Answer the questions carefully to set up your personalized account.  


You never have to worry about missing any important information. All programs that get connected to Go NAPSACC are automatically added to the Arkansas Go NAPSACC email list.

Step 2: Get Oriented With Your Go NAPSACC Account

Step 3: Review Your Related Better Beginnings/Go NAPSACC Requirements

For each level of Better Beginnings, the facility shall complete a self-assessment and
create and implement action plans in the required module, then complete a second self-
assessment to determine growth. Go NAPSACC requires at least 30 days between pre and post self-assessments in the same content area.

Example: Child Nutrition 1st Self Assessment completed June 15.  Child Nutrition 2nd Self Assessment eligible for re-take after July 16.  You CAN work in multiple content areas at the same time.

BB Level 2 and higher: Child Nutrition (complete 1 action plan)
BB Level 3 and higher: Infant and Child Physical Activity (complete 1 action plan)
BB Levels 4, 5, and 6, select one module for each level (complete 2 action plans):

  • Breast Feeding and Infant Feeding
  • Outdoor Play and Learning
  • Screen Time
  • Oral Health
  • Farm to ECE

You will upload both assessments and your action plan with your Better Beginnings application.

Step 4: Get Started

Get started now by taking your required first Self-Assessments through your Go NAPSACC account. 

Step 5: Complete All Requirements and Submit Documentation

You will upload both assessments and your action plans with your Better Beginnings application.

Request Additional Support

If you need more information or have questions,  don't hesitate to let us know how we can help.  Additional support is just a click away.  

We want to celebrate your hard work and hear how Go NAPSACC has supported you as you made improvements!  Be sure to click the button below and tell us your success story!  Your work will encourage and inspire others! 



Download the Go NAPSACC Navigation Guide for step-by-step instructions and tips for your account. 

Growing Healthy Children Recognition

Recognition is awarded annually based on progress made in the previous year from the date of application submission.  Deadline to apply each year for Recognition is June 15th.  Application received after that date will be eligible the following year.  Programs receiving awards will be recognized at our Annual Meeting of the Members. Program requirements may change annually.  Any changes or modifications for the next year will be made after the June 15 deadline. 

You can view the criteria by visiting the application page to better understand how recognition is awarded. 

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February 2024 Newsletter

Go NAPSACC in Action

Go NAPSACC is making a healthy difference in the lives of Arkansas children.  Childcare providers across the state are using this free online program to instill better eating habits and encourage physical activity.  We followed ArCOP's Health Education Coordinator and statewide TA Ashleigh Story as she visited Family First Childcare in Greenbrier, Arkansas to see why Go NAPSACC is such a powerful tool.