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Growing Healthy Children Recognition Honorees


Noah's Ark Preschool

Here's another program worthy of Blossoming Recognition.  Mercedes Smith and her staff at Noah's Ark Preschool in Mountain Home deserve this honor for constantly striving to enrich the lives and the health of their students (plus a couple of chickens).  They've truly embraced Go NAPSACC.  Congratulations on your $300 incentives package and all your hard work. 


Open Arms Learning Center

The Arkansas Coalition for Obesity Prevention was proud to award Open Arms Learning Center in Mountain Home Blossoming status with our annual Growing Healthy Children Recognition program. Check out why Jill Wilson and the staff of this early childhood care facility are so deserving.

Carousel Learning and Discovery Center

We are proud to award Carousel Learning and Discovery Center our highest level of Recognition in 2023.  The Lonoke, Arkansas early childhood care provider achieved "Thriving" status during the year.  Their efforts within the Go NAPSACC program showed their dedication to the health and education of the children in their care.  They received $500 worth of incentives to allow them to further their goals.  Please watch the video to hear more about the program and how Go NAPSACC improved their facility.  Congratulations to everyone at Carousel Learning and Discovery Center.

2023 Meeting of the Members

The 2023 Meeting of the Members was held online January 30.  Presentations were shared by Executive Director Katrina Betancourt and staff to share highlights of a very productive year.  We implement many diverse programs, but the mission remains the same, "help Arkansans eat better and move more." 

Here's a welcome by Katrina Betancourt, President and Executive Director of the Arkansas Coalition for Obesity Prevention. She gives a brief introduction to ArCOP and the Annual Meeting of the Members. So many exciting things are happening this upcoming year. We hope you'll take a look at all of our presentations to fully understand how we are Growing Healthy Communities everyday.  Click here to see all the presentations on our 2023 Meeting of the Members page.


2023 Arkansas Farmers Market Association Annual Meeting

The Arkansas Farmers Market Association held its Annual Meeting on January 27th.  This year the event took place during the Arkansas Grown Conference and Expo at the Embassy Suites in West Little Rock.  

Jeff Jackson of the Arkansas Department of Health discussed  "Selling at Farmers Markets: Tips for Success".  He outlines what can and can't be sold at markets.  Plus, the requirements of the Food Freedom Act were also outlined.  Jeff welcomes any questions about this topic through his email

To view all of the presentations visit our 2023 AFMA Annual Meeting page.


December Go NAPSACC Newsletter

Links to December Newsletter content found here. 

Double Up Food Bucks 2022 Final Report

Double Up Food Bucks had another banner year in 2022.  The images below tell the story.  Click on the graphics to find out how DUFBs continues to positively impact the lives of SNAP customers, participating retailers, and Arkansas growers. 



Get Creative With Your Exercise Equipment

Who needs a fancy gym or expensive equipment to get a great workout? You've probably got everything you need at home. Get creative and get lifting.

November Go NAPSACC Newsletter

Go NAPSACC is impacting the health of Arkansas kids everyday.  Check out the latest news here.  If you'd like to find out more go to our Go NAPSACC webpage or contact our Health Education Coordinator Ashleigh Story

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is a problem most of us have to be wary of. What are the triggers that cause us to indulge when we're not truly hungry?  Use this list to get a better understanding of why you eat when your body doesn't need food.  Self-awareness is your best defense against overeating.  

Cardio: Moderate vs. Vigorous Intensity

Workouts don't have to be complicated, just completed. Here's an easy way to think about exercise every week. This helps us understand the intensity levels and amounts of aerobic activity needed to reach our goals.

Exercise Nutrient Timing

This is really useful info to have when you're thinking about exercise. When should you eat? What should you eat? If you're working hard to get healthy why not maximize your workout? Now get after it and start feeling better!

Chair Stretches

Stretching is a vital part of good health.  Here's some simple stretches you can do from home or in your office chair.  These take just minutes to do and you'll feel better the rest of the day.  Use each different stretch to target a different part of the body.  Focus on the neck, the shoulders, or your whole body.  Go to our Health Education Page to check out the companion video that goes with each stretch. Give these a try and we bet you'll make them part of your daily routine.  

Chair Stretching "Total Body Stretch"

Chair Stretching "Neck Stretch"

Chair Stretching "Shoulder Stretch"

Double Up Food Bucks at Bell Urban Farm

Here's a great example of Double Up Food Bucks in action.  Bell Urban Farm is a valued partner in our program.   Owner Kim Doughty-McCannon talks about why her Conway Farm Stand is proud to be involved and how it impacts multiple layers of the food chain.  Our Program Manager Jeremy Adams also weighs in on how Bell Urban Farm benefits their community through Double Up Food Bucks. 

Parking Lot Circuits

Don't have time to exercise because you're stuck at work? Here's a plan that will keep you active without leaving the parking lot. Try these circuits at lunch, before or after work. We've mapped out a Monday/Wednesday/Friday plan for you with these three circuits. Find a co-worker and get moving!

Better Together Parent Cafes

Here's a closer look at one facet of what we do. We've partnered with Curricula Concepts to implement the Better Together program here in the state. There are many ways we're empowering childcare providers to help kids make healthier choices (Go NAPSACC, Learning Collaboratives, and more). This video details Parent Cafes. It's an online gathering of trainers, providers and parents, but as you'll see, the true beneficiaries are the kids. If you've got questions or would love to see your childcare program be a part of this effort contact our Health Education Coordinator Ashleigh Story at

Healthy Food Swap: Greek Yogurt

Our Health Education Coordinator Ashleigh Story has some easy and tasty substitutions for you in her Healthy Food Swap videos.  Here's the lowdown on why greek yogurt should become a staple of your shopping list.  Check out more swaps on our Nutrition Education Page

"Market Talk" Ferndale Farmers Market

The Arkansas Farmers Market Association spent a hot Saturday morning at the Ferndale Farmers Market in extreme west Little Rock.  This growing community market has so much going for it, including an inside/outside venue.  You'll hear from Manager Sally Anderson on how the market got started and how it's helping create a sense of community in Ferndale.

Healthy Food Swap: Condiments

Here's another chance to get smarter and eat healthier.  In this "Healthy Food Swap" video our Health Education Coordinator Ashleigh Story has the lowdown on all those condiments taking up space in your refrigerator.  Are there better options? You bet.  Watch and learn how to make better choices. 

"Market Talk" Clark County Farmers Market

We ventured to Arkadelphia this week to check out the Clark County Farmers Market.  The Saturday market is small, but the selection is great.  In this "Market Talk" you'll hear from Floyd Alexander of Alexander's Market Playhouse about why they continue to grow and sell some of the best produce in the state.  He also addresses the damaging July  heat.  Plus, we get to know Erica Hughes from Terre Noire Farms a terrific pork vendor.

Healthy Food Swap: Cooking Oils

Check out this Healthy Food Swap... There are so many cooking oils available at the market, but which one is best for the job you need it to do?  Health Education Coordinator Ashleigh Story shows us which ones make the tastiest and healthiest meals.

"Market Talk" Little Rock Farmers Market

The Little Rock Farmers Market is embarking on its 48th year.  It's home in the River Market pavilion is a true destination for shoppers and tourists.  In this "Market Talk" we hear from the brand new Market Manager Molly Gallaher.  She's been a vendor at Arkansas markets for years, but couldn't resist the opportunity to get involved at one of the state's premiere venues.  We also spend a little time with another market institution, Uncle Willie of Carpenters Farmers Market Produce.

"Market Talk" Stone County Farmers Market

The Arkansas Farmers Market Association crew ventured to Mountain View to visit a market in its infancy.  The Stone County Farmers Market is just weeks old, but is finding its footing really fast.  This community has been without a regular market for almost five years.  Check out how they're doing in this edition of "Market Talk".

Arkansas Farmers Market Week Proclamation Ceremony

June 12-18th was designated as "Arkansas Farmers Market Week".  ArCOP's Arkansas Farmers Market Association was proud to accept Governor Asa Hutchinson's Official Proclamation on behalf of all state markets.  Agriculture Secretary Wes Ward spoke at the ceremony held at Saint Joseph's Farm Stand in North Little Rock and delivered the Proclamation to our Jeremy Adams.  Many area markets were in attendance to enjoy the proceedings.

"Market Talk" Paragould Farmers Market

The Arkansas Farmers Market Association was in Northeast Arkansas for this week's edition of "Market Talk".  The Paragould Farmers Market has some exciting changes ahead.  We'll hear about their new facilities, the help they've gotten from another nearby market, and the use of T-shirts as a vendor benefit.

An Inside Look at the Arkansas Walking College

The Arkansas Coalition for Obesity Prevention has partnered with America Walks and the Arkansas Department of Health to create the state's first-ever Arkansas Walking College.  In short, the goal of the program is to find and develop advocates to help make our communities more walkable.  The first graduating class of Fellows (students) wrapped up their training recently.  We were there to see how it works and why everyone involved shares a common vision and passion.

"Market Talk" Ray 5 Farm

We went down on the farm for this edition of "Market Talk".  Troy and Amberlee Ray operate Ray 5 Farm (although they do get plenty of help from the kids too). They are vendors at the Historic Downtown Hot Springs Farmers Market.  Here they talk about the challenges and gratification of farming and selling at market.  It's said Arkansas grows the best, because we have the best growers.  We think the Ray family is a pretty good example of just that.

2022 Double Up Food Bucks Locations

Here are our 2022 Double Up Food Bucks locations. Some fabulous farmers markets, farm stands, and many new grocery locations all over Arkansas. SNAP users can check out the map below to find one close by.  Please go to our Double Up Food Bucks page to find out more how the program works. The program runs from May 1st until October 31st.  

Go NAPSACC in Action

Go NAPSACC is making a healthy difference in the lives of Arkansas children.  Childcare providers across the state are using this free online program to instill better eating habits and encourage physical activity.  We followed ArCOP's Health Education Coordinator and statewide TA Ashleigh Story as she visited Family First Childcare in Greenbrier, Arkansas to see why Go NAPSACC is such a powerful tool.

Our Latest Healthy Recipe


To see other smart food ideas visit our Healthy Recipes page.