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2020 Training Opportunities

ArCOP's Learning Lab podcasts are online conversations with experts in a variety of fields that relate to our mission.  In 2020 the free Labs are scheduled for the second Monday of each month at 12pm.  There will be no Learning Lab in July.  Each podcast can be accessed live via Zoom.

2020 Learning Lab Podcast Topics


2/10/20           How to Start a School or Community Garden

3/9/20             "Better Together" Initiative

4/13/20           Adverse Childhood Experiences

5/11/20           Healthy Foods and Activities for Stroke Prevention

6/8/20             Accessible Farmers Markets in Arkansas

8/10/20           Breastfeeding:  The Link to Obesity Prevention

9/14/20           Healthy Aging:  Accessible Nutritious Foods and Activity

10/12/20         Accessible Trails in Arkansas

11/9/20           Eating Healthy and Adaptive Cooking Matters

12/14/20        Policy Agenda for 2012 Legislative Agenda


February Learning Lab Podcast "Starting a School or Community Garden"


In our first Learning Lab Podcast of the year Amy Routt, our Growing Healthy Kids Advisor is joined by Sarah Lane.  They discuss the benefits of starting a school or community garden.  Plus, where to find the resources to get growing.  

February Learning Lab "How to Start a School or Community Garden"

March Learning Lab Podcast "Better Together" Initiative

Our March podcast delves into the "Better Together" Initiative.  ArCOP is a statewide sponsor of the program that focuses on getting children to develop healthy eating and physical activity habits early in life.  Amy Routt talks with Curricula Concepts President Jamie Ward about how the initiative will be implemented and the differences it will make in the lives of young Arkansans. 

March Learning Lab Podcast "Better Together" Initiative