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2020 Learning Lab Podcasts

ArCOP's Learning Lab podcasts are online conversations with experts in a variety of fields that relate to our mission.  In 2020 the free Labs were hosted by our Growing Healthy Kids Advisor Amy Routt.


2/10/20             How to Start a School or Community Garden

3/9/20              "Better Together" Initiative

4/13/20            "Building Strong Brains: Why Early Childhood Matters"

5/11/20             Healthy Foods and Activities for Stroke Prevention

6/8/20               Accessible Farmers Markets in Arkansas

8/10/20             Canceled

9/14/20             Double Up Food Bucks Success Story

10/12/20           Accessible Trails in Arkansas


February Learning Lab Podcast "Starting a School or Community Garden"


In our first Learning Lab Podcast of the year Amy Routt, our Growing Healthy Kids Advisor is joined by Sarah Lane.  They discuss the benefits of starting a school or community garden.  Plus, where to find the resources to get growing.  


March Learning Lab Podcast "Better Together" Initiative

Our March podcast delves into the "Better Together" Initiative.  ArCOP is a statewide sponsor of the program that focuses on getting children to develop healthy eating and physical activity habits early in life.  Amy Routt talks with Curricula Concepts President Jamie Ward about how the initiative will be implemented and the differences it will make in the lives of young Arkansans. 


April Learning Lab Podcast "Building Strong Brains: Why Early Childhood Matters"

Our April Learning Lab welcomed Audrey Freshwater for a conversation on Building Strong Brains: Why Early Childhood Matters and Why it Matters to ArCOP Members.  Audrey is a nationally known advocate for children's health and well-being.  Recorded from home during the COVID-19 outbreak Audrey and host Amy Routt discussed the important work ACEs is doing and why the first years and even months of a child's life are so critical to brain development.  Due to technical difficulties this podcast was recorded over two days and is presented in two parts.  Links to both are available below.  


May Learning Lab Podcast "Stroke: Risk Factors and Prevention"

Olivia Wilson is a a Stroke Telemedicine Program Manager at UAMS.  She joined our Amy Routt and Kimberly Boren to discuss risk factors and prevention measures to reduce the number of stroke victims in Arkansas.  Stroke is the 5th leading cause of death in America.  Olivia discusses how managing risk factors, such as obesity, can make a huge difference.


June Learning Lab Podcast: "Accessible Farmers Markets"

Our June Podcast featured Vanessa Krause.  She is the director fo the Arkansas Disability and Health Program at the University of Arkansas.   Vanessa is one of the state's most valuable resources when it comes to accessibility.  Host Amy Routt discussed how ensuring accessibility for all will make a positive shopping at farmers markets.  The link to the Inclusive Farmers Market brochure mentioned in the Learning Lab can be found below.  


September Learning Lab Podcast "Double Up Food Bucks Success Story"

September's Learning Lab Podcast focuses on a topic near and dear to our hearts here at ArCOP.  Our Double Up Food Bucks Program is getting bigger each year.  That means more Arkansans are eating healthier, supporting local growers, and saving money.  We call that a win, win, win!  Our Program Manager Jeremy Adams joins host Amy Routt to discuss how DUFBs work and how it's adapting during the pandemic.  


October Learning Lab Podcast "Accessibility on Arkansas Trails"

Amy Routt welcomes Brandy Sandersfeld to discuss accessibility for Arkansas trails.  Brandy is the the Program Director for Arkansas Disability and Health.  Making sure citizens have equal access to healthy activities, information, and services is the focus of what she does through this U of A program.  She discusses how the collaborative work of public and private groups made it possible to identify parks and trails across the state that were not accessible to everyone.  Many of those places have now been upgraded or clearly identified so citizens with disabilities can have positive experiences as they explore Arkansas.