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2019 Training

 ArCOP's Learning Labs are online Webinars providing training and education related to our mission.  In 2019 the free Labs are scheduled for the second Monday of each month at 12pm.  There will be no Learning Lab in July.  Each webinar usually lasts less than an hour and can be accessed via Zoom using the information below:


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Dial: +1 646 558 8656

Meeting ID: 503 642 760


2019 Learning Lab Topics


02-11-19            ArCOP 101

03-11-19            Collective Impact

04-08-19            How to Work with Local Policy Makers

05-13-19            Making the Business Case for Growing Healthy Communities

06-10-19            How to Use Data

08-12-19            Growing Healthy Classrooms

09-09-19            JUUL... the 411

10-14-19            Creative Economy, Infusing the Arts

11-11-19            Making the Case for Access and Inclusion

12-09-19           Grant Writing 101, Telling Your Story

February Learning Lab "ArCOP 101"

This Learning Lab from February 11th focuses on how ArCOP works.  Find out how we are Growing Healthy Communities every day!  Kimberly Boren and Katrina Betancourt share the story of how ArCOP came to be in 2007.  Learn how our core mission of increasing access to healthy foods and physical activity is implemented across Arkansas.  

February Learning Lab ArCOP 101

March Learning Lab "Collective Impact"

What is Collective Impact?  How can it transform the communities where we live?  On March 11th Kimberly Boren shared some powerful insight into how non-profits, governments, and business can achieve much better outcomes by working together.  The synergies created can help solve complex problems more efficiently.  

March Learning Lab "Collective Impact"

April Learning Lab "How to Work with Local Policy Makers"

April's Learning Lab was presented by Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families.  They shared their experience on "How to  Work with Local Policy Makers".  The Lab lays out ways to connect and build working relationships with civic leaders to positively impact the communites where they operate.  

April Learning Lab "How to Work with Local Policy Makers" 

June Learning Lab "Using Data to Inspire Healthy (F)acts"

June's Learning Lab topic is "Using Data To Inspire Healthy (F)acts".  We were so thrilled to have Craig Wilson, the Director of Health Policy at the Arkansas Centers for Health Improvement, and Dr. Nichole Sanders, Assistant Director of Analytics at ACHI lead the presentation.  Both shared their unique insight and technical expertise into why data is such a powerful tool in shaping public opinion and policy.  

June Learning Lab "Using Data To Inspire Healthy (F)acts"


August Learning Lab "Growing Healthy Classrooms"

The August Learning Lab features Daphne Gaulden and Amy Routt.  Both are "Growing Healthy Kids" advisors for ArCOP.  Daphne Gaulden is the Grants Coordinator and Program Manager at the Arkansas Minority Health Commission and Amy Routt is the Program Development Coordinator for Curricula Concepts.  ArCOP President Katrina Betancourt hosts the webinar that focuses on how we can make our children's classroom experience happier and healthier.  

August Learning Lab "Growing Healthy Classrooms"


September Learning Lab "JUUL.. the 411"

This Learning Lab tackles an emerging health crisis.  "JUUL... the 411" webinar details how this and similar products are marketed and sold. Laura Taylor, Certified Health Education Specialist discussed how continued usage creates devastating health consequences.  Laura is the statewide coordinator for the Project
Prevent Youth Coalition with Arkansas Children’s Hospital. 

September Learning Lab "JUUL... the 411"

October Learning Lab "A Different Lens: Creative Economy, Infusing the Arts"

On October 14th Dr. Jennifer Conner with the University of Arkansas Division of Agricultural Research and Extension (and an ArCOP Board Member) was joined by Jordyn Williams of WinRock International to discuss "A Different Lens: Creative Economy, Infusing the Arts".  This Learning Lab took a deep dive into why the Arts play a role in the good health of Arkansas Communities.  

October Learning Lab "A Different Lens: Creative Economy, Infusing the Arts"

November Learning Lab "Community Inclusion"

In this November Learning Lab, Vanessa Krause, the Director of the Arkansas Disability & Health Program at the University of Arkansas,  discusses the critical issue of community inclusion and why it's important not only for people with disabilities, but for the entire community.  She details where Arkansas is making progress in changing our physical environments and public awareness.  

November Learning Lab "Community Inclusion"

2020 Learning Lab Podcast Topics 


02-10-20       How to Start A Community Garden

03-09-20       Preschool Gardens and the Outdoor Classroom

04-13-20       Adverse Childhood Experiences

05-11-20       The Importance of Healthy Foods and Activity for Stroke Prevention

06-08-20       Accessible Farmers Markets

08-10-20       Breastfeeding: The Link to Obesity Prevention

09-14-20       Healthy Aging: Accessible Nutritious Foods and Activity

10-12-20      Accessible Trails in Arkansas

11-09-20       Healthy Eating and Adaptive Cooking Matters

12-14-20      Policy Agenda for 2021 Legislative Season