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"Growing Healthy Communities Weekly" Podcast

In February of 2021 our monthly Learning Lab podcasts got a new name, a new format, and a new host.  ArCOP is happy to present our "Growing Healthy Communities Weekly" podcast.  We're still sharing insights into how our communities can evolve, but now instead of getting that information once a month... we've gone weekly.  Make sure you watch each Wednesday as our Health Education Coordinator Ashleigh Story delves into topics that will help all of us make a healthy difference in the communities we call home.  

We'll post all of the archive versions right here on this page as soon as they become available and we'll preview what's coming up in the weeks and months ahead.  Come back often to see what's new.  

May 2021

Our first podcast of May begins our discussion of "Leadership and Management".  Meetings are often a necessity as communities come together to make positive changes, but they can be also be real obstacles if done poorly.  Health Education Coordinator Ashleigh Story takes a deep dive into "Conducting Effective Meetings"

April 2021

In April's final podcast Health Education Coordinator Ashleigh Story wraps the topic "Developing a Strategic Plan" by discussing how obtaining feedback and identifying action steps are essential to bringing effective change to the community. 

This third installment of the April topic "Developing a Strategic Plan" builds on the materials from previous weeks by introducing how to create objectives and make action plans.  Additional information included in the podcast can be found by clicking on the buttons below the link. 

This edition of the podcast is about "Proclaiming Your Dream".  Ashleigh focuses on developing a vision and creating a powerful mission statement. 

This episode of the podcast begins our April topic (albeit one day early) of "Developing a Strategic Plan".  Find out how "VMOSA" can help you begin planning to grow a healthier community.  

March 2021

In our final March podcast Ashleigh Story discusses the inclusion of groups most effected by the issues being addressed.  She winds up our "Encouraging Community Involvement" segment by discussing the role of stakeholders. 

In this segment Ashleigh looks into making personal contact with potential participants and involving key influencers.  It's part of the March topic "Encouraging Community Work" .

This week we continue exploring how to encourage community involvement.  In this segment our Health Education Coordinator Ashleigh Story details how to effectively contact potential participants.

We kickoff  our first March podcast with the topic "Encouraging Involvement in Community Work".  Ashleigh also focuses on making sure any outreach targets diverse groups within the community.

February 2021

In our final February episode Ashleigh discusses how to conduct Public Forums and Listening Sessions.  Focus Groups and Surveys are also included.

In this episode Ashleigh continues the topic "Assessing Community Needs and Resources".  This includes making Qualitative Assessments and creating Community Report Cards.

In our second February episode Ashleigh  builds on this month's topic "Assessing Community Needs and Resources".

Ashleigh discusses Understanding and Describing the Community.  Developing a Plan for Assessing Local Needs and Resources is also covered in the first episode of the podcast from February 3rd.