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Better Together

Better Together is a program from Nemours and the University of North Carolina to support adoption of best practices that promote healthy eating and physical activity among young children through program level and state system-level improvements targeting early care and education (ECE) settings. Better Together is currently being researched to document the change that occurs in Arkansas.

The program began early in 2020 with a convening of key stakeholders in each state.  These stakeholders selected two state system-level actions that will help to improve healthy eating and physical activity policies and practices in ECE programs.  Each state has implemented the first of eight learning collaboratives that support ECE programs in their journey to improve their healthy eating and physical activity practices.   Additionally, the Go NAPSACC platform has been available free of charge to all ECE programs in the states.

The Better Together program will continue until mid-2022.  Program implementation will be monitored across the three-years to ensure optimal execution.  Feedback will be obtained from stakeholders, ECE programs and parents, to monitor program effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement.

Below you'll find an interactive map of Early Childhood Education programs taking part in the state of Arkansas. 

Go NAPSACC in Action

Go NAPSACC is making a healthy difference in the lives of Arkansas children.  Childcare providers across the state are using this free online program to instill better eating habits and encourage physical activity.  We followed ArCOP's Health Education Coordinator and statewide TA Ashleigh Story as she visited Family First Childcare in Greenbrier, Arkansas to see why Go NAPSACC is such a powerful tool.

Go NAPSACC Explained


What's "Go NAPSACC"?

Our Health Education Coordinator Ashleigh Story details how licensed Early Childhood Care Providers can take part in  "Go NAPSACC", an online program that supports healthy childcare.  With Go NAPSACC’s easy-to-use online tools and an online library of videos, activities, and flyers, ECE programs are led through a process to create environments with improved nutrition and physical activity for children. Participation in the program is limited so please contact Ashleigh at

You can also visit the "Go NAPSACC" homepage to explore all the tools they have to offer.  

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