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2020 ArCOP AFMA Meeting 

This meeting was held at the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension in Little Rock on February 21st from 10am to 3pm.  Much of the meeting was recorded via Zoom Video Conferencing.   Due to the length of the meeting the video conference is broken down into multiple viewable sections (links are provided at bottom).  Each speaker has also provided their PowerPoint presentations. They are also available for download in the links below the speakers name. 

Katrina Betancourt and Beverly Dunaway, ArCOP AFMA Opening Remarks

Karen Reynolds, Arkansas Department of Agriculture

Jeff Jackson, Arkansas Department of Health

Renee Threlfall, U of A Food Science Department

Morgan Gramlich, U of A Horticulture Department

Julia Fryer, UA Extension

Jeremy Adams, ArCOP DUFB Project Manager


Raw Meeting video Part 1 

Coming soon

Raw Meeting video Part 2