2017 Regional Summits Funding Opportunity

ArCOP 2017 Northeast Regional Summit Funding Request Form

Thank you for attending the ArCOP Northeast Regional Summit. We had a lot of fun and a great turnout throughout every region of our state. ArCOP appreciates the amazing work that you put into your communities that make a big impact on our state becoming a healthier place to live, work, worship and play. ArCOP is honored to recognize each of you as a Growing Healthy Community (GHC).

Communities that attended one of the 2017 regional summits will be funded to make policy, system and/or environment (PSE) changes. The ArCOP Executive Team will determine the funded amount (ranging from $100-$1,000) based on funds available, number of communities that apply, PSE change needs and geographic location. You set the budget based on your innovative ideas learned at the summit or your already community established projects. Your community will be funded ONLY for the Track (1: Farmers’ Market, 2: Gardens, 3: Built Environment, 4: Worksite Wellness) that a member from your community attended. The request for funds deadline is September 15, 2017 for the Jonesboro Summit. If approved the project completion deadline is November 30, 2017.

NOTE: Once this Funding Request Form has been completed click on the submit button below, we will review your community’s funding request. If awarded you will have to apply to become a Growing Healthy Community (GHC) if you have not already been recognized as one in 2017. If you are not sure you are a GHC search our Interactive Map for your community. If awarded, we will provide you with all of the information you need to proceed. We will make all determinations by September 22nd so you can begin your projects.


1.      Complete this Funding Request Form

2.      Submit to ArCOP by September 15, 2017

3.      Receive determination letter by September 22, 2017

4.      Complete Project by November 30, 2017

Complete the following information:

Request for Project Funds

***You may request up to $1,000 for each track. This does not guarantee funding for each track but simply lets us know your request and needs.***

Your application will be considered incomplete and will not be funded if you do not fill out the Track information, for the track you are requesting funds for, in its entirety. 

Example Request

Team Member that Attended the Track: Katrina Betancourt

Requested Amount: $300.00

Description of Needs to Make PSE Change: Our community would like to have 2 raised beds at our church. We will need soil, plants, fertilizer, other planting tools and building material.

Track 1: Farmers' Market

This person will be verified.

Track 2: Community and School Gardens

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Track 3: Built Environment

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Track 4: Worksite Wellness

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Provide the Total Amount for all Tracks below: